Blackwell Arts and Crafts House, Windermere

Contemporary Applied Arts, 89 Southwark Street, London

Kath Libbert Jewellery, Salts Mill, Saltaire

Victoria Seward Contemporary Jewellery Gallery, Plymouth

The Mission Gallery, Swansea

Oresome Gallery, Leeds

Omega Studio, St Leonards, Sussex

Alternatives Gallery, Rome

Michael’s work has been published in many magazines, fashion articles and books including:

‘New Rings’, Nicolas Estrada, 2011

‘The Best of The 500 Series’, Marthe Le Van, 2011

‘Art Jewelry Today’, Jeffrey B. Snyder, 2008

‘500 Bracelets’, Lark Books, 2005

‘1000 Rings’, Lark Books 2004

‘Jewelry Design: The Artisans Reference’, Liz Olver, 2000
2016 Michael Carberry